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First co-hort meeting

Well, since obtaining my Masters in Business Administration April 2010, I learned one thing – I like academia – research – stretching my mind – and the search for new knowledge. So to continue on this journey it feels natural even if a little daunting to start the PhD or DBA/PD. Where am I so far! Well, I have been reading and thinking through some converging influences such as my MBA experience, receiving Executive Coaching, the state of MBA, and the need for the next generation of Leaders in organisations. Social responsible leaders with solid values and a sense of the importance of their role in society and sustainable development. I have started to draft a proposal, supported by loads of reading on concerns with MBA programs and the benefits of Executive Coaching. June 8, I attended a potential “cohort” group under the guidance of the business school from the University of Strathclyde. In some ways it felt like an interview – perhaps it was!!

There were three presentations; mine on MBA graduate development with coaching; another from within Heath care and the other on project management. It was fascinating to see how far each researcher had come in preparing their idea for research. I sensed that one of my cohort candidates needed for more focussed thinking, and the other that perhaps the thinking had become to focussed and positivist, nonetheless, still impressive and convincing! Of course this is only my personal bias coming over – I like the get a deep sense of things and immediate tendency towards quantitative results lack for me…. but hey, as my Master project advisor said, “Choose the method that best helps you answer your research question!”.

I certainly felt comfortable with my effort, nevertheless, the predictable yet still needed to be heard comment was said namely, “You need to do some more work on refining you ideas!!”, and “Read much more….”. Overall, I liked the balance of support and being challenged achieved by the three senior academics who attended the meeting! I look forward to meeting the future cohort members – I think two or three more! The purpose of my blog is my attempt to enter the modern world of technology to assist my research and the journey as I go through it. It will serve as a home of my research and be a place where participants can check on my intentions for the purpose of establishing trust and credibility! It will also capture my thoughts and feelings, my struggles and triumphs as I go along! At present, I feel excited and worried at the same time – excited that along with some talented MBA students we can do some serious action research on Leadership development and personal transformation – and worried that trying to take this on in a part-time capacity will come with great sacrifices personally and for my family.

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