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Coaching Experiment in Second Life

I would have waited to post another blog until next week, however, after running my first 1:1 coaching experiment yesterday inside SL I had to get my thoughts down somewhere safe.

The above location is my space inside SL, it is my office (my home – with the bed removed and a nice advantage of the virtual world being able to quickly change your surroundings!).   It was purchased from Linden Lab and I decorated it with some standard Linden library objects like the lamp, cheap seats, the parrot, and the flamingo :o)

During the first half hour together PinkSamurai (the coachee) and I chatted about all things SL.  She has been a resident for two years and explained many things and places I should consider visiting.  It was the first time inside SL that I had used voice communication at any length, and it stood up to my high expectations and hopes that it would transform the experience (see blog June 19 for textual communication experience inside SL).  My gestures are minimal at the moment, but at least the avatar’s mouth is moving while the person behind the avatar is speaking.

During the pre-coaching conversation I felt totally present, however, once we started the coaching this changed for me as I started taking notes in real life (RL), and left my avatar entertaining my coachee visually.  Interestingly enough PinkSamurai did tell me that she felt I was totally engaged, she never realized I had left the avatar looking at her.  In her words, “I though you were engaged and didn’t feel that you were writing or looking around”, while in real reality I was writing and speaking in my office had moved into the actual coaching practice!

This mental shift between RL and SL during the coaching activity is an interesting insight, and to stay present in the SL world perhaps I need to find a way of recording my notes in SL rather than in RL!

From PinkSamurai’s feedback she had felt a bit rushed but overall she did say that she gained some clarity on some points and had a moment of truth with respect to some values and focus saying – “It worked very well at making me think”.  This last comment is nice to hear and at the heart of the Brain Based Coaching method!  You can check out the recorded session at my mobile me site: livepage.apple.com

Perhaps my interest in the experiment and the impromptu nature of the meeting meant I had not prepared well for the session and being self critical for a moment it led to a lower performance from me than usual.  Coaching skill aside, I did enjoy trying the new medium, nevertheless it was not perfect.  During the 35 minute session the VPN dropped once, I lost voice completely 2-3 times, often my voice was not clear for PinkSamurai, and there was some lag causing some talking over each other.  These technical issues will in turn need to be addressed somehow as they are a direct threat to the learning experience.

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