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New draft proposal

One of the more wonderful parts of research must be just how many different ways one can look at the same subject i.e. through different lenses if you wish, however, this process of reading, thinking, “insight”, and writing – at some point must become something more concrete.  For me that is the doctorate research proposal.


I worked very hard on the first version of the presentation to make a good impression, only to find the mixtures of lenses and language was quite confusing to my advisors.  Hopefully, my latest version of the same proposal resolves some of this criticism.  Last evening I looked carefully at the original version, and frankly in only a month how things have changed.  Is this normal?  Does this settle down?  Shifts of this magnitude seem awfully inefficient!


Click on the link for presentation 1.0 (8 June): DR 1.0.pdf

Click on the link for presentation 2.0 (7 July): DR 2.0.pdf


Since the original presentation I have moved away from using coaching for some loose transformational or personal change for MBA graduates that will save the day for the MBA!  Towards using coaching and Web 2.0 in a MBA elective as vehicles for focusing on value shifts and changes to the quality of thinking (undecided which!) towards Sustainable Business Practices.


While Sustainable Development is a large and fashionable topic in today’s society, I can’t help think that the possibility exists that academics and many in the private sector are operating from a tired epistemology, one viewing only limited number of direct stakeholders and narrowly focused performance measures.  Is there now the need to move from the “balanced scorecard” paradigm to the triple bottom line paradigm i.e. measures equally social, environmental and economic impacts?  This is an interesting question that deserves attention and herein will form the content side of the MBA elective.


The other new addition is bringing more Web 2.0 experimental learning into the programme, and one part I am quietly excited about using.  I believe it will increase the sexiness of the course, enable global participation from various SBS centres, and offer varied opportunities for students to learn and contribute to knowledge through blogs, wikis, social networking and immersive worlds.


Comments or questions on the new proposal direction are most welcome.

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