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Well I was nervous and excited as I walked from my Bath Street apartment up to the edge of the University of Strathclyde, eagerly anticipating being overcome with emotion from the magic of academic history.  I remember very well how I felt as a tourist in Oxford and Cambridge, but this time I had put in the had work myself and I would be collecting my MBA.


Unfortunately, my expectations were a little high.  Not unlike Glasgow’s style overall, the campus had an industry and unacademic feel to it.  Was I disappointed?  Well, perhaps only for a second, but it soon dawned on me that the real inspiration for my research really came from within me and was not dependent on some external source.  I smiled.  Doing all the hard work from afar in Abu Dhabi now in fact feels just the right place to be doing my research!


During the past two days I only scratched the surface exploring the university including the business school, engineering, library, and the student union.  It is quite a maze not only in terms of its buildings and campus, but so too in what seems to me to be an operation in silos, with separate areas without much knowledge of each other.  So just like in government and the private sector, Sustainability brings a cross functional perspective to education and much promise towards developing robust policies and new strategic directions.


Today I tried to cross some divides and I had most productive introductions to an expert in education/collaboration using Web 2.0, and I met the leaders within the university’s David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability.  Everyone has been really supportive of my research direction and are offering their help.


Like anytime our mind has to develop new maps there is always those feelings of uncertainty.  I’ll admit I still feel somewhat unsure of how to work the system to ensure that real demonstrative progress is made in the coming months, but with time I am confident it will be done – and I look forward to it.


Sustainability practices and educating the next generation manager to look at business in a new holistic, environmental, social and economic perspective is simply – just too important to society to let my small insecurities get in the way of progress.  Simply stated, this is something much much bigger than myself.

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