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Can conferences motivate the researcher…

Ok, so its been more than a month since my last blog for various reasons.  One reason is when I’m really focused on a piece of work, blogging seems like a unnecessary distraction.  Another reason is the opposite when I’m totally un-focused.  I feel bad due to my slow progress therefore there is no way I’ll write a blog entry out – simply out of guilt.  This weekend I found myself in the latter – but I promised myself to at least write a few words!  I don’t usually suffer from procrastination, but a combination of interesting stuff going on at work, family projects, X Factor, and not to forget the Rugby World Cup (Go All Blacks) – I’ve been slipping to the dark-side.

Let me try to see if I can remember what I’ve been doing these past four weeks:

  1. I did some documentary analysis.  I’ve found that DA looks likes it kind of adds evidence in the space between interview data, and never really appear primary evidence.
  2. I was having some real fun theorizing and drawing boxes with arrows between them, and then trying to explain them to whoever would listen.  I think I’ve taken this part as far as I need to for now.
  3. I had a major realization during a 3 hour shisha with a good friend @pkpolava, that I had made a serious error getting my findings work and theorizing work mixed up in NVivo.  I had to take some quick back steps to make sure I could maintain integrity in my analysis….Panic is over now.
  4. I spent one day cut/pasting from my previous proposal and methods work into a dissertation Scrivener project file – started some writing at last for the final paper….
  5. Lastly, I’ve moved from coding to extracting the evidence from my NVivo project into the same Scrivener project.
I’m wondering how this sounds for around 4-5 weeks of part-time effort.  A little light for me.  Looking back, it doesn’t appear so bad, but I’ll admit the momentum seems to be slowing…. I just feel it.  So, where am I going to find the impetus to get moving again????  One possibility (come from an email yesterday) is a call for papers for the Making Project Critical Workshop that will be held in Manchester April 2012. Here is some information  on last year’s workshop:
Personally I think my research totally fits here and I’m getting excited about the possibility of writing a paper for it.  Only problem is that I’ve no idea how to do so?  So any advise on how to do this, or ideas on how to maintain momentum in research projects – then please let me know :o)
441 words – at least I kept my promise to myself.